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Better Music

Yamaha CLP885 Piano Review | Better Music

Top of the new CLP 800 range from Yamaha, the CLP885 is an exceptional digital piano. We got a sneak peak of this just released CLP. Pricing is not yet confirmed for Australia, stock is due in July/August.
Better Music

Boss Katana Gen-3 | Better Music

Gen-3 of the Boss Katana is here! Now fully controllable wirelessly via Tone Studio, it's a very fun, powerful and affordable amp for any guitarist! Unleashing unparalleled versatility and dynamic tube-like tones, this amp series combines decades of BOSS expertise with cutting-edge technology to redefine your playing experience. Whether you're jamming at home or performing on stage, Katana Gen 3's customizable effects and seamless connectivity ensure you hit the "sweet spot" every time. Katana 50: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/boss-katana-50-gen-3-guitar-amp-ktn503 Katana 100: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/boss-katana-100-gen-3-1x12-guitar-amp-ktn1003 Katana 100 2x12: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/boss-katana-100-212-gen-3-2x12-guitar-amp-ktn2123
Better Music

Roland GO:KEYS 3 Review | Better Music

In a massive update to the GO:KEYS range, the new GO:KEYS 3 is now loaded the powerful Zen-Core sound engine. This puppy has over 1000 pro-quality sound presets and 200 styles. It's the same engine that powers the top-of-the-line Roland Fantom synthesizers. With a very user friendly interface it is also super easy to layer sounds, it’s a great choice for those looking for a keyboard or synth! Shop: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/roland-go-keys-3-61-note-keyboard-synth-turquoise
Better Music

Top 4 Digital Pianos under $1000 in 2024 | Better Music

Looking for a digital piano under $1,000? Here's our top 4 for 2024. All are great options, if you have any questions come in-store or give us a call/message, we're always happy to help! Here's the pianos we picked; https://www.bettermusic.com.au/roland-fp30x-bk https://www.bettermusic.com.au/yamaha-p-225b-digital-piano-black https://www.bettermusic.com.au/casio-px-s1100-privia-portable-digital-piano-black https://www.bettermusic.com.au/kawai-es120b Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:48 Roland FP-30X 04:34 Yamaha P-225 07:57 Casio PX-S1100 11:21 Kawai ES120 14:09 Outro 15:02 Making my way downtown
Better Music

Best Electric Guitars for Beginners 2023 | Better Music

If you're a beginner looking for an electric guitar, this video is a must-watch. Matt Takes you through a small selection of his personal favorites, offering insights and recommendations to help you make an informed choice. 00:00 Intro 00:37 Epiphone Les Paul Standard 01:11 | Playing 02:30 Ibanez PGMM11 JB PAUL GILBERT MIKRO 02:58 | Playing 03:54 Squier Bullet Stratocaster 04:28 | Playing 05:26 ESP LTD VP-10 05:44 | Playing 06:36 Ibanez RG121DX WNF 07:05 | Playing 07:48 Yamaha Revstar Gen2 08:22 | Playing 09:13 Outro 09:42 Bonus Epiphone Les Paul Standard: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/epiphone-eils6bbnh1 Ibanez PGMM11 JB PAUL GILBERT MIKRO: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/ibanez-pgmm11-jb-paul-gilbert-electric-guitar-jewel-blue Squier Bullet Stratocaster: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/squier-bullet-stratocaster-black ESP LTD VP-10: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/ltd-lvp-10kitblk Ibanez RG121DX WNF: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/ibanez-r121dx-wnf-electric-guitar Yamaha Revstar Gen2: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/yamaha-revstar-gen2-elements-guitar-vintage-white Gag Guitar (definitely not a beginners guitar) - Suhr Modern Terra: https://www.bettermusic.com.au/suhr-modern-terra-electric-guitar-w-case-desert-sand-floyd-rose-trem-limited-edition
Better Music

Roland TD-02 Review | Better Music

New from Roland, the TD-02 is their new entry level electronic drum kit. Packed with features, high quality sounds and easily putawayable (is that even a word?) - this new range is perfect for starting the drumming journey. Shop TD02K - https://www.bettermusic.com.au/roland-td02k-compact-v-drum-kit Shop TD02KVDAP - https://www.bettermusic.com.au/roland-td02kvdap-compact-v-drum-kit-with-hardware-pack 00:00 Intro 00:59 Sounds 01:27 The Kit and Features 04:17 Easy setup 04:32 Dynamics 05:11 Something for everyone 06:15 Conclusion
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