Whether it's time for an upgrade from your starter acoustic, or you are looking for a high-quality guitar to learn and grow with, there is an opportunity more than ever to make your dollars go the extra mile. 

This list is going to explore the guitars that are generally underrated and make a lot of top-of-the-line acoustic guitars insecure about their price tags.
All of these guitars are well made, using premium materials, sound great, and feel great for new or experienced players.


Maton SRS70C Road Series Acoustic Electric Guitar

Maton Guitars is Australia's modest gem. A Staple for Aussie musicians and respected worldwide by those in the know, the affordable Road Series brings excellent build quality and an unmistakable resonant and clear voice that you can only get from a Maton.

The SRS70C is fitted with a unique electronic system that incorporates a cardioid microphone with a piezo pickup which achieves a much more natural tone than the typical piezo-only systems on the market.

Because of its playability and clarity, finger-picking guitarists will definitely want to give the Road Series a go!

Taylor 214CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

One of the most recognizable guitars in the game. If you play acoustic guitar or are about to start there's a good chance you know the name Taylor.

The Taylor 214ce is a versatile instrument that plays just as well belting out chords as it does being used for subtle fingerpicking and all-out acoustic shredding.

Features ethically sourced ebony fretboard and naturally patterned Spruce and Rosewood body.

Also sounds great plugged in!

Yamaha TransAcoustic Dreadnaught

Yamaha is renowned for their extremely high standards. We set up all our guitars before they go out the door at Better Music, but there's always very little to do to get a Yamaha in tip-top shape.

It's impressive how well made and easy to play these guitars are, but the real star of the show is the totally unique Actuator System that Yamaha has fitted to the TransAcoustic, which gives you the ability to mix in reverb and chorus without plugging into anything.
It's a real trip to hear it work the first time, but more importantly, it really is a nice reverb and sets the stage for inspired practice and play sessions.

Cherry on the top is the vintage tinted Spruce Top with Rosewood Back and Sides.

Project X by Maestro Guitars

If you are moving up from your very first guitar, or are a beginner who isn't here to mess around, you are going to have your mind blown by the craftsmanship and playability of the Maestro Project X X1-RA. Maestro Guitars are all handmade in a small workshop of highly-skilled luthiers in Singapore.

This 'Small Jumbo' has a beveled armrest for comfort during long sessions, a Kingwood Fingerboard, and a Mahogany body with Sitka Spruce top for the premium tone that is expected of high-end acoustics.

Maton SRS60C Road Series Acoustic Electric Guitar

Much like the SRS70C the SRS60C has a tone that can only be described as 'Maton'.

It's not the loudest guitar you can get (if that's your thing) but utilizing Queensland Maple Back, Sides, and Neck you get a clear voice that still brings warmth to chords and fingerstyle picking.

Plug in and you'll find the AP5 Pickup and Microphone System will surprise you with a natural tone through amplifiers and PA Systems alike.

An excellent choice for beginners or otherwise!

Tasman Admiral TA300-E Dreadnought Acoustic Electric

One of the greatest shocks I've had in my life is picking up a Tasman guitar only to find out it plays and sounds just as good as competitors twice its price!

Just like most high-quality acoustic guitars, it uses the classic Mahogony body with Spruce Top combination to produce big, powerful chords and well-defined overtones that suit all playstyles.

Its smooth ebony fingerboard is easy to grapple with and would serve any player extremely well.

The Tasman TA300 punches well above its weight range.

Cort Gold A8 Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Gold series is the best on offer from Cort, and the A8 is the king of the lineup.

Cort proves that you don't have to break the bank to get the premium appointments, tone, and feel that acoustic players expect from a high-end instrument. 

Using a 'torrefaction' process that ages wood at the factory, Cort is able to replicate the bright, big, open tone that you would usually expect from a vintage instrument.

This makes the warm aged wood tone accessible to you without having to spend a fortune on 2nd hand marketplaces.

Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

If you play both Country and Western you will love the aesthetics of the Epiphone Hummingbird.

And it's not just a pretty face - the dreadnaught shape and Mahogonay Body is boisterous and punchy when belting out chords and the 'medium c' neck fits comfortably in the hand.

Featuring gold plated tuners, classic white binding on the body and neck, aged burst finish, and mother of pearl inlays the hummingbird will liven up any space with its old-school glow.


Taylor 114E Acoustic Electric Guitar

Same great Taylor Sound, slightly thinner nut.

If you are looking for something especially easy to play or to accommodate smaller hands,  the 1-11/16-inch nut width takes the edge off when playing open chords and translates into an easier time up the neck, too.

Walnut back and sides layered with a Spruce top leads to the no-compromises tone and projection we've come to expect from a Taylor.

Especially good for developing players who will love the playability of the fretboard.

Cole Clark CCFL1EC-BM Acoustic Electric Guitar

A beautiful sound at a great price.

Sourced from sustainable Aussie timbers, the Cole Clark CCFL1EC-BM stands out of the crowd with its streaky, eye-catching She Oak fretboard.

And it's got a premium sound to back it up; full, loud, and clear. Plug it in and hear the patented Cole Clark 3-way pickup system highlight the unique sound of the Queensland Maple body with Bunya Top.

After you've heard a few of these the pleasing tone is unmistakable.

If none of these take your fancy don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from!
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