If having a sprawling mess just won’t cut it anymore, tame your pedal collection madness with a Pedalboard.

Velcro your pedals into neat rows, daisy chain the power and patch the perfect signal chain then take it anywhere you go - Freedom!

Some of these boards are affordable, some higher-end, but they are all the pick of the lot regarding value, usability, and strength.


Xtreme PC215 Large Pedal Board

First up, the value proposition.

Xtreme offers a no-nonsense pedalboard in a suitcase. Internally it measures at about 56cm x 32cm giving room for a small pedal chain. Velcro tape holds them all in place and the suitcase design means it’s easy to move around and travel with.

There’s also a smaller Xtreme Pedal Board that comes with a bag (If you really think you aren’t going to grow your pedal collection…. which you are) ????

NUX Bumblebee Medium Pedalboard with Bag

If you can’t stand cables running loose and you need to tame them, NUX has your back.
The multi-level design makes sure you can hide PSUs under the good stuff, and included cable organizers that let you clip loose cables beneath the platforms out of sight.

Built solid as a rock but light as a pillow thanks to its sturdy aluminium construction.
Also includes a water-repellent carry bag for taking it on the road.

PedalTrain Classic Pro Pedal Board - Soft Case

Do you need something big, for your large and ever-expanding collection?
This pedalboard is 82cm x 40cm giving you a lot of real estate for your pedals. And at only 2.48Kg this is unmatched in size to weight ratio meaning it can easily be lugged around despite the size.

Great to note that it's virtually indestructible and built to last a lifetime thanks to the hand-cut, hand-welded and hand-finished process that Pedaltrain uses.

There's also a flight-case version for touring.

G-TOUR Pedal Board Large w/ wheels

Are you suspicious of airplane cargo crews? Maybe the Roadies at your next gig are a fan of throwing your stuff around?

The G-Tour is a tank/pedalboard hybrid that utilizes solid ply and aluminium construction with added shock-absorbing EVA foam insulation to protect your pedal collection. Perfect for the long-distance traveler who needs a little extra protection than a soft case can offer.

Easily fits 10-14 pedals and holds them tight with 3M Dual Lock velcro fasteners.


If none of these take your fancy don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from!
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