If you need a pair of good headphones for tracking, mixing, or hi-fi listening, the range can be overwhelming at first. We've seen and tested them all to find out what the most compelling buys might be.

Take note that we're rating them on price, sound, comfort, and usability. Some are closed back and might suit recording sessions where you prefer not to have sound bleed through, and some are open back which will probably suit mixing sessions a lot better due to a 'truer' sound.

Any pick on this list is sure to take your listening experience to the next level...

Audio Technica M50x Studio Headphones

The M50x is easily the most popular headphones we sell and it's for good reason. They feel at home whether you are tracking or in the middle of a mixing/mastering session. They offer an accurate middle and high-end and a little bump in the lows which can help hone in on what the low end of your mix is doing (especially helpful if you don't have subs in your studio).

Chances are if you're looking into studio headphones you have heard of the M50x, and it's not a coincidence!

Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X Closed Back Studio Headphones

Great for any use!
Closed backs make it well suited to tracking or listening on the bus. High-quality drivers
make a frequency response that can handle mixing work in the studio or in a live setting.

We have a good few headphones out for in-store demos and the DT 700 Pro is turning out to be an extremely popular choice at the moment. And we aren't surprised at all - Beyerdynamic have made an all-rounder headphone that delivers an exceptionally nice listening experience.

Sennheiser HD400 PRO Open-Back Studio Headphones

Need something comfortable enough for long mixing sessions? But also neutral enough to provide an accurate reproduction of what's going on in your DAW? Look no further.

The HD400 offers a spacious soundstage with a flat frequency response meaning you can create a mix that easily translates to multiple systems.

Excellent build quality and soft earpads provide comfort for longer sessions too.

Neumann NDH20 Closed Back Studio Headphones

Neumann is known for making great studio monitors and their headphones are no different - carefully balanced sound response and high-quality materials create a pair of headphones that are easy to wear and sound fantastic.

If you are mixing or mastering and want another linear system alongside your studio monitors then you are going to be hard-pressed to find something nicer than these NDH20s.

Also feels at home for FOH engineers or tracking sessions thanks to the extra-care Neumann has taken to isolate sound with closed backs and thick memory foam lining.

BeyerDynamic DT1770PRO Closed Reference Headphones

Headphones that you can trust.
Wearing these generously padded headphones is like putting studio monitors on your ears. They may not be lightest but they are the comfiest, and most capable of the bunch.

The DT1770PRO is not going to sugar coat your mix with any unnecessary high-end sparkle or boomy bass like in consumer headphones, leaving you with a great platform to tweak mixes to perfection.

Studios worldwide will have a pair of DT770s or the new DT1770 in their arsenal, why not add it to yours?

Don't worry if there was nothing that caught your attention! We have a huge range of headphones online and in-store!