I remember the 1st time I played a Paoletti guitar.. I was at a good mates house having a jam & he produced this rustic looking Tele style guitar & said “here, have a go on this”..

I took the instrument & looked at the logo & asked Chris what it was...

He told me “it’s a Paoletti from Italy”.. “Never heard of it” I said..

Anyway.. I plugged into the Orange Rockerverb that sat in Chris’ lounge room next to the couch & started to noodle around.

It took me about a minute to feel at home on the guitar. I was inside the tone.. It was warm but with a clarity that just punched out into the room. All my licks were working..

I stopped & looked at the guitar, quite perplexed & said “Chris what the hell is this thing? It’s awesome..!”

After some discussion, we continued to jam.. & I went home later with a plan to research the brand.

In short, I found out that Paoletti is a small boutique builder in Tuscany. They build custom order guitars made from 150+ year old chestnut wine barrels..

They make their own hardware & pick ups & have many custom options & colours available, plus some beautiful figured flame maple necks.

I watched reviews & videos about the guitars & found out some pretty significant artists own Paoletti guitars too.

I went down the rabbit hole & became more & more interested in the brand because it seemed to offer something unique & interesting. Plus my mates Nancy (Tele style) guitar was gnawing away in the back of my mind.. it was so good.

After 30+ years in the industry, I’m rarely blown away by a product, but these Paoletti’s had me hook line & sinker.. I needed one! I needed many..

So I reached out to Paoletti & spoke with the Managing Director about the opportunity to become their representative in Australia. After some discussion we came to an agreement & Better Music ordered our 1st batch of Paoletti guitars. I have taken many orders since & am very excited to see that brand awareness is building for Paoletti in Australia…

Since our initial order, I designed my dream Stratospheric guitar & I can honestly say that I’m totally in love with it. I just love it to death!

It’s actually featured here on their website.


Paoletti are making some of the best guitars you’ll find anywhere! They’re unique, beautiful, play incredible & have an amazing tone.


Paoletti have an artist roster that is formidable & surprising.. & they’ve made some insane guitars.. Some made from wine barrels owned by the DaVinci family.


& the Marco Polo guitar must be seen to be believed.


Paoletti draw upon their deep cultural heritage & build amazing works of art as well as amazing working instruments..

Conservation is also very important to Paoletti & as part of Ecologi, they buy 20 trees for every guitar they sell.


I can’t say enough good things about this company, they’re a pleasure to deal with & the product is outstanding.

If you want something incredible that is out of the norm, give me a yell & I’ll help you design a Paoletti guitar that will give a lifetime of guitar playing enjoyment.


Ciao for now