'Combo' Amps are units that have the amplifier unit and the speaker cabinet all combined in one. You just plug in and it's go-time!

Be it the classic tones of a tube amp or the freedom to play clean to metal tones with a digital system - these combos are the best in their class.

Boss Katana-100 MkII 2x12"

For us, the Katana is the go-to multi-fx, digital amp combo. The original Katana 50 nailed clean, crunch, and distortion tones, and the new MKII series improves the formula with subtle refinements.

Every amp setting sounds spot on and recreates the behavior of a tube amp exceptionally well.
Things get turned up a notch by the onboard FX section that brings classic Boss effects that you’d expect - stack an octave pedal with a drive, chorus, and a plate reverb on top of a crunchy amp - all in the one combo.

There may be others on the market that offer versatility but the Katana offers versatility alongside all-important build and sound quality.


If you need a Tube Amp that can pull off a great crunch sound the AC15 is for you.

Plug into the 2nd channel and you’ll be able to ‘top boost’ your tone into something you would probably find in 60s and 70s rock music.

The AC15C2 is your classic AC15 with a 2nd speaker, a longer reverb tank, and a uniquely deeper cabinet resonance.

If you want the ‘chimey’ tube sound of the classic VOX amps, you need to try out the AC15C2.

Roland JC120

Clean tones for days.

Renowned for lush Chorus and Reverb effects, the JC120 is a tank of an amp for anyone looking for only the most pristine clean sounds. 2 speakers create a stereo sound that creates the best Chorus effect that money can buy.

The clear sound lends it to take pedals very well, which can open the versatility up slightly. But the Roland Jazz Chorus has not become so well known by being a jack of all trades, but rather the master of one.

If you are serious about getting a pristine tone, the JC120 is a no-brainer.

Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb 1x12"

The Fender Deluxe Reverb tone is cemented in the minds of guitar players around the world as full, snappy, crystal-clear and so mid-60s.

The Tone Master Deluxe takes the iconic tube sound and brilliantly recreates it in a much lighter package.

Despite it being a digital replication of the analog original, you will be hard-pressed to tell the Tone Master and the ‘65 original apart.

Marshall Studio Classic SC20C

Gone are the days of causing hearing damage for epic tones. Channel the spirit of a vintage Marshall at a much more reasonable volume with the Studio Classic - putting the iconic Marshall rock n roll grunt into a 20w combo that need not be completely cranked to achieve great sounds.

Based on the JCM800, the Studio Classic can create great crunch tones but really shines when things get warm or heavy. Screaming lead tones exude the ‘it’ factor that is unmistakably Marshall and the voice is clear enough to create musical clean tones as well.

Suhr Hombre 1x12

Get the ‘Brownface’ vibe with Suhr quality.
The purity of the signal path is part of Hombre’s beauty. It results in a playing experience that is incredibly dynamic and touch-sensitive. A simple turn of the volume and tone controls will put a shocking range of sound at your fingertips.

Clean tones are classic, gorgeous and bell-like, but make no mistake, this amp is a dirty little combo. It wants to be pushed into sweet overdrive, conjuring tones from the 1970s era of Texas blues-rock.

If none of these take your fancy don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from!
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