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Our trade-in process is as follows

Step 1:  Fill out the trade-in form

Step 2:  We’ll assess the information provided, and send you an estimate on market value!

Step 3:  Happy to proceed? We’ll arrange for the collection of your instrument, or simply bring it in-store.

Step 4:  After inspection, we’ll chat with you about its exact market value. If we’re both happy - we’ll make an official offer.

Step 5:  We’ll deduct the trade-in price off your new purchase! :)

We are always interested in trade-ins!

It is important to understand that we do not provide cash for
trade-ins, we will however, use its value towards a new instrument.

All trade-in valuations are subject to in-store inspection by the Better Music team. We retain the right to change or withdraw an offer should the item(s) be found to not be in an acceptable, or previously agreed to condition upon arrival.

Guitars and amps are by far the most commonly traded item, we do consider effect pedals, drum kits, brass & woodwind and other pieces of music gear.

Trade-in items must be in good working order. If the item is missing parts we will consider it (ie strings or tremolo arms are typically acceptable) however a damaged/unusable item is typically not considered. Certain items such as headphones, microphones and in-ear monitors etc. will be refused for hygiene reasons.

If an offer is made and the item is sent to us but found different to the original description, we will still consider the item, however we will reconsider and adjust our offer accordingly. We reserve the right to withdraw our offer and reject any item at this point, as you also reserve the right to terminate the deal with no obligation to continue forward with any transaction.

If you request for your equipment to be returned, it will incur a freight charge according to our cost of standard shipping to your postcode. We do not profit from this, the charge will simply cover return delivery with insurance.


Due to various factors including item(s) condition, resale demand, shop floor and storage space, we will not accept all trades. We will also have to prepare and service your item before it’s ready to be sold, provide a warranty, cover tax and ship it to the next owner, so all these variables will factor into the value we’re willing to offer for your item. It’s always a good idea to do your own valuation research but also be flexible as we may not offer what you think it’s worth as we need factor in all these elements.

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