As 2020 drew a to close, we all came out with a new understanding for free time.

As millions of people across the world started working from home our schedule became more open. We were no longer travelling 30 minutes to an hour to get to work, just the number of steps to our home office from the kitchen. With all this time inside we all took up new hobbies, and if the sales figures are anything to go by it looks like a lot of us took up learning the piano. Now that it’s 2021 you’re looking to transfer your new found skills to a fully realised digital keyboard and we’ve got three models that could be your next favourite instrument!

Roland RP701

This model takes the idea of a home piano and cranks it up to 11. While it looks deceptive with a classy rosewood, light ash, black or white finish and simple panel layout it packs a ton a features like the powerful Roland SuperNATURAL engine that powers all of the sounds, PHA-4 keyboard for near real acoustic piano key feel, 3D ambience with headphones and Bluetooth connectivity for audio and MIDI. If you plan to use it as a teaching tool the RP701 also includes learning features like a metronome, over 300 songs to play along to and connectivity to the Roland Piano-Everyday app that lets you practise scales and songs as well as download sheet music. This piano will take advantage of everything you can throw at it and is a must for any pianist.

Dexibell VIVO H7

Last we’re breaking out the big one, the Dexibell VIVO H7. Hand crafted in Italy, these sought after digital piano is one of the best that we offer. The design sleek and with long curves setting it apart from your average model. There is unlimited polyphony, meaning you can hit as many keys as you like and you’ll hear every single one in crisp detail. It has over 80 sounds included with more available from the Dexibell Library all stored in the Sound Font format, meaning you can even download non-Dexibell Sound Font files and use them with ease on this piano. If you’re looking for a keyboard that will make your jaw drop, this is the one to get.

Yamaha CLP-725

This piano is a fantastic sounding unit that will look great in the home without breaking the bank. Sampling sounds from Yamaha’s top of the range CFX and Bosendorfer Grand Pianos and virtually modelling the resonance of them to replicate accurately how a real grand sounds, giving you a full experience. They’ve even binaurally sampled these pianos by placing a series of microphones in a mannequins head so even with headphones on you get the full range of the pianos dynamics. Combine this with realistic escapement, two 12cm speakers, synthetic ebony and ivory keytops and you have a fully realised home pianos that will let you take full advantage of your playing ability.