2020 was a massive year for guitars.

With everyone stuck at home learning new skills became the norm, everyone was running out to try their hand at becoming the next Hendrix. We had more new and old guitarists buying from us than ever before, so Fender have lined up 2021 with a wide array of new guitars!

The Squier Contemporary Series has been completely revamped from the ground up.

Kitted out with a slick variety of vivid colours with black painted headstocks, each has a unique pickup set and trem system. These aren’t you’re average Squier guitars.


The strat’s get a choice of Squier Atomic Humbuckers and Alnico Single Coils. The single coil models are particularly cool as the middle pickup is placed closer to the bridge pickup, giving it the look of a humbucker. They’re all slanted as well, something you won’t see on a traditional Stratocaster. Each one also gets a different bridge with the choice of string through, Floyd Rose or 2-Point, meaning however you want to play there’s one that will suit you!


The single Telecaster on offer is an industrial beast. The satin finish on both the body and headstock combined with the black hardware is a mean look. There’s a Squier Atomic Humbucker in the neck position and a Rail Humbucker in the bridge, so no matter the position you’ll have no issue with hum and buzz. It’s got a string through bridge with block saddles and standard tele controls. Drop tune, pump it full of gain and blast some riffs with this thing!


Lastly, the Jaguar. Sporting Squier Atomic Humbuckers and a bunch of controls, this is the most versatile of the bunch. You’ve got standard volume/tone controls with a three way blade switch for pickup selecting, but also two extra small switches for coil-tapping and series/parallel control. There’s a ton of different sounds you can get out of this rig without needing to touch a pedal. Die-hard Jag fans might miss the traditional trem system though, as this model has an adjustable saddle stop-tail bridge.

Any new guitarist who needs some edge to their rig is in the right place.

 These guitars have everything you need for wide and interesting tone choices, not to mention the wicked colours these come in. Plus the use of humbuckers on each model means that no matter how much fuzz and distortion you want to use you’ll get a clean, hum free signal from the source! Give us a call or email to get your hands on one!