With the recent jump in the quality of USB Mics, creating audio content at home has never been easier. Gone are the days of needing a studio interface and technical knowledge of drivers and DAW software. With USB mics it's plug in, open your recording app and go.

Just because they're all easy to use does not mean they're not the real deal - plenty of USB mics now offer recordings and build quality that you'd expect to see in a professional studio. Especially awesome is how many USB mics we see that have switchable pickup patterns and condenser diaphragms that would usually be reserved for high-end recording equipment.

Without further ado; here are some of our top picks for somewhat affordable USB microphones that will take your podcasting game to the next level!

Rode NT-USB MINI Studio Quality USB Microphone

Small and unobtrusive size, BIG sound.
Rode has taken their know-how in creating premium studio gear and boiled it down to a sleek USB Condensor Mic that would feel at home on any desktop.

Built-in Pop Filter stops plosives from plaguing your recording while remaining warm, clear, and full-bodied.

If you're looking to get something compact, easy to use, and studio-grade you really need not look further.

Audio Technica ATR2500X-USB Microphone

Audio Technica doesn't just make awesome headphones, their USB Mic is a great choice for Podcasts, Field Recording, and Voiceover work. 

Featuring a sensitive condenser diaphragm that picks up frequencies clearly from the front while minimizing unwanted room noise by employing a cardioid pickup pattern.

The included stand makes sure your positioning is perfect and if you prefer to use a mic stand the included mounting sleeve will let you do so.

It's a podcasting solution in a box.

Audio Technica ATR2100x-USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

You may notice Audio Technica is showing up a lot on this list. That's because when it comes to entry-level professional microphones they have their craft down-pat.

The Modern brushed aluminum body stands out from other Dynamic mics at this price and the standard mic shape lets you use it on-stage, out on the field, and at home or in the studio.

Take the ATR2100X anywhere and capture high-quality audio with any device that accepts USB.

AKG LYRA Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone

The 192khz sampling rate is probably too much. But for people who demand the best digital audio has to offer this is just right.

AKG has put the engineering team to work on the LYRA Ultra HD's 4 Capsule 'Adaptive Array' that allows you to change pickup pattern modes to suit nearly any application or environment.

And internal shock-mount and smart features mean the noise floor is nearly non-existent, meaning you get maximum headroom for maximum flexibilty.

AKG never disappoints with their microphones, and the LYRA cements their status as one of the best.

If none of these take your fancy don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from!
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