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With a heritage of instrument-making in Japan that traces back to 1893, Yanagisawa is recognized today as a maker of the most carefully handcrafted family of artist-level saxophones in the world. In models ranging from sopranino to baritone, these superb instruments have won the praise of many celebrated musicians.

Yanagisawa has become known for their reputation for high quality and hand craftsmanship. The family legacy dates back to 1893 with Tokutaro Yanagisawa repairing woodwind instruments in Japan for military band members. In 1921, Yanagisawa established their first factory making trumpets and cornets. During this time, Tokutaro would mentor young instrument makers including Kouichi Muramatsu, who would eventually build his own flute company.

In 1951, Takutaro’s son, Takanobu Yanagisawa followed in his father’s footsteps to build his first prototype saxophone. During the 60’s and 70’s, Yanagisawa developed and built new models of saxophones including the model B-6 bari saxophone and the S-6 soprano saxophone, the first ever of their type to be built in Japan.

Since 1969, Yanagisawa has become most well known for their innovations in soprano and sopranino saxophones. The first sopranino SN-6 ever built in 1972 now belongs to Sonny Rollins. In 1985, Yanagisawa released the S-880, the first soprano saxophone with a detachable neck. In 1990, this innovation continued with the S-990, the first saxophone to have a high G key.

Package add-on available from dropdown! Includes Ligature/Cap Set, Optimum Mouthpiece, Tall Music Stand, Reeds and Harness valued at $575 RRP

  • High F# key
  • High G key
  • C#/Bb and B/C# tilter
  • Ribbed body: mechanisms are connected to posts/ribs that are attached to the body
  • Pads: plastic resonators
  • Hand engraving on the bell
  • Gold lacquer finish
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Incl. standard mouthpiece

Yanagisawa SCWO10 Professional Soprano sax (SCWO10)

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