Ef-Note EST-5X Electronic Drum Kit w/ A+C+E Pack

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    1. Colour: Black

    Premium 5 piece full acoustic size electronic drum kit featuring TRU-ACO stereo sampled sounds. USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Multi Zone drums and cymbals. Includes KIT A+C+E: Deluxe bass drum pedal, drum throne, sticks, Hi-Hat stand, snare stand, 2x cymbal stands.

    Unparalleled Compact
    The EFNOTE 5X offers a complete playing experience with:

    • Beautiful sound
    • Perfect playability
    • Musical width and depth
    • Presence and elegance

    Authentic Modern Vintage
    While following the stylistic beauty of acoustic drums, the volume and presence of shells with black matte finish captivates your audience. The 2nd floor tom and 2nd crash cymbal have been expanded to support the wide variety of contemporary music genres.

    Full-Scale Beautiful Sound
    Despite its downsized looks, the EFNOTE 5X provides full-scale acoustic drum sound thanks to the Tru-Aco sound technology.

    Perfect Playability
    The ELISE sensing processor is newly developed for low latency, wide dynamic-range, consistent and stable sensing. Combining a pleasing physical touch with the best sensing performance, the EFNOTE 5X offers great playability.

    Capture Your Delicate Touches
    All drum/cymbal/hi-hat pads come with multi-sensor which provides consistent and stable sensing. Capturing drummer's intentions from every and each stroke.

    3-Zone Snare Drum and 2-Zone Toms

    • 3-zone snare drum (head/rim/side-rim) and 2-zone toms (head/rim)
    • Hot-spot-less sensing with multi-sensor
    • Double-layered mesh drum head
    • Durable "warm-gray" colored hoop rubber
    • Birch 6-ply wood shell
    • 12x5" Snare, 10x7" Rack tom, 13x13" and 12x12" Floor toms

    Snare Side-Rim

    • Easy to play side-sticks
    • Accurate sensing
    • Low acoustic noise
    • No need to switch a function between rim-shot and side-sticks

    Solid and Stable Kick

    • Voluminous shell with mesh drum head to catch powerful kicks
    • Dual-sensor stable sensing for single/double beater(s)
    • Storable and sturdy spars with rubber/spike tips
    • 16x12" birch 6-ply wood shell
    • Real wood hoops
    • Metal tom mount

    3-Zone Crash / Ride Cymbals

    • Elegant "warm-gray" colored cymbals
    • Fine engraved surface
    • Weight simulation with thin edge for appropriate striking feel
    • 360° flat sensing with multi-sensor
    • 360° choke supported
    • Full 3-zone Crash/Ride cymbals (bow/edge/cup)
    • 2x 16" Crash and 1x 18" Ride

    * EFNOTE 5X does not support the Crash 2 cup when the Crash 3 is used.Electronic Drums EFNOTE 5X

    The Finest Hi-Hat Cymbals

    • The freely swinging top and bottom cymbals have changed the concept of electronic hi-hat cymbals
    • The multiple optical sensing precisely responds to drummer's high-speed footwork
    • Smooth continuity from tight-closed to full-open sound
    • 14" top/bottom cymbals
    • General hi-hat stands compatible with φ12.7 mm (1/2") hole cymbal can be used

    The new ultra thin and light weight 8" splash cymbal; the appropriate striking feel allows you to perform more like it.

    Ultra-Compact Sound Module

    • Ultra-small form factor with uncompromised features
    • Metal chassis and aluminum finish
    • High quality DAC and audio circuit
    • Touch screen intuitive user interface

    Full-Scale Acoustic Sound

    • Tru-Aco sound technology provides so real drum/cymbal sound
    • Stereo samples with wide dynamic range for all acoustic instruments
    • Minimum pre-processed, uncompressed waveforms for maximum fidelity
    • Natural and smooth continuity roll sounds

    For Training

    • Multi-function metronome with beat LED indicator
    • Built-in metronome speaker for daily training without headphones
    • On-board recording function (15 songs)
    • Stroke Analyzer
    • Rhythm Box feature provides over 90 basic drum beats

    For Recording

    • USB 8-ch individual audio outputs with Mac / Windows (ASIO)
    • USB 2-ch audio inputs for playback
    • Analog 4-ch audio outputs
    • USB MIDI in/out with individual MIDI channels
    • MIDI output (5-pin DIN)
    • On-board drum recording (15 songs)

    For Small Gigs

    • Setlist feature enables you to configure kit order with tempo for each song
    • Kick and Snare can be output individually with analog 4-ch outputs
    • Click and Audio-In can be assigned only for headphones
    • High-power headphones output
    • MIDI output (5-pin DIN)


    • Bluetooth audio-in provides you to play along with Spotify™ / YouTube™ with your smartphone
    • Bluetooth MIDI
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