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We know your music education needs

At Better Music we offer the complete range of musical instruments and expert advice to go with them! Whether you’re starting a school ukulele group or establishing a new professional recording studio, we can help you achieve your musical goals.

We've been supplying schools and institutions for over 40 years and every section of our store has dedicated, practising musicians who use and understand the instruments and equipment they sell.

We also understand the time pressures that classroom music teachers are under. We stock the complete range of musical instruments and equipment, so we’re in the perfect position to offer everything you'll need, saving you time and money.

Mat Paese

02 6282 3199

Mat (aka Sugar), our Education Outreach Manager, has been working closely with schools around Australia for the last three years. He understands the aims and goals of music teachers within a school setting and knows the importance for teachers to have one contact person that they can come to for information and support regarding their musical programmes.

Mat is a multi-instrumentalist and is involved in everything from gigs to production to promotion. He’s has too many favourite instruments to list and 15 years of international touring experience. As an SAE Graduate in Audio and with 10+ years experience in Music Programmes including WWVP.

So, whether you need 5 or 500 of something, get in touch with Mat today, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your music education needs!

Did you know that you can rent?

Don't have the funding for an outright purchase?

Renting an instrument (or an entire music room!) can make good sense!

In partnership with Studio 19 Rentals, you can now rent any product on the Better Music website.

Chat with Mat today about renting your new equipment.

Do you need our expert advice?

Any questions you have about education purchases (or anything for that matter) we are happy to answer!

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