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The H10 is the new flagship model digital piano from premium Italian manufacturer Dexibell. Building on the success of the introductory models released in 2017, for the ultimate acoustic piano experience, the Dexibell H10 features a new hybrid wood & plastic 88 note hammer action, triple contact keyboard with escapement mechanism.

The H10 is a digital instrument which can give you the choice of the World's finest concert grand pianos, all sampled in high definition using holophonic recording techniques, with lower register samples up to 15 seconds long.

Powered by a Quad-Core Cortex processor (running at 1.8GHz with 4GB of memory), the piano sound is of the H10 is created using Dexibell's True-2-Life (T2L) technology which offers 24 Bit/48KHz sampling and unlimited polyphony. As well as some stunning on-board piano voices, more are downloadable completely free of charge from the Dexibell manufacturer website. Dexibell has sampled the sound of Fazioli, Steinway, Yamaha, and other beautiful concert grand pianos which are available for you to download and enjoy when playing your own H10.

On-Board Sounds

In addition to high-quality piano voices, the H10 provides a huge range of other instrument sounds - all recorded in high-quality detail just like the acoustic piano voices. There are a total of 128 onboard sounds - with more downloadable from the Dexibell website. In fact, there's 3.2GB of sound memory available for you to exchange voices with freshly downloaded sounds to suit your specific musical needs. Sound categories include e.piano, clav, tuned percussion, synth, strings, brass, bass, choir and more.

Up to three different sounds can be split or layered across the keyboard as required, and four-hands mode lets teacher & pupil play the same sounding note registers when seated in the upper & lower parts of the keyboard.

Keyboard Touch Control

To cater for all types of playing styles, there are seven different types of keyboard touch available, plus a fixed velocity setting for playing organ voices.

Digital Effects to Enhance the Sound

The Dexibell H10 has six independent DSP effects available for you to add to the individual voices. Maybe add some chorus to a string pad sound, or a phaser to an E.Piano to give a more authentic 70's sound. Six effects can be active at one time, and there are also 24 types of digital reverb to add a high-quality ambience effect to your overall sound.

A master 3-band graphic equalizer allows you to control the overall sound to match the environment in which the instrument is placed.

Microphone Input With Effects

A ¼" jack microphone input is provided for performers who wish to sing whilst playing the piano. The MIC input also has its own dedicate range of multi-effects to give your voice that 'professional' sound, including 14 types of reverb, 3 Band EQ, Compressor, Low-cut filter and 6 types of delay (echo).

USB Player / Recorder

Record your performance in high definition 48KHz .wav format directly to a USB storage device (not included) using the onboard digital recorder. The Dexibell H10 will also playback files in .wav .aiff and .mp3 formats.

H10 Features

  • Master Tuning 415.4Hz to 466.1Hz
  • 9 Tuning Temperaments
  • Onboard metronome with TAP TEMPO
  • Bluetooth Audio & MIDI support
  • Compatible with X-Mure iOS App to add rhythms & accompaniment styles
  • ¼" Jack Outputs for connection to external amplification
  • Reclinable music rest
  • 2 x Headphone outputs (1 x ¼" jack / 1 x mini jack)
  • Progressive Damper Action Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation
  • Progressive soft pedal with alternative assignable functions
  • Sostenuto pedal with sympathetic resonance function - also assignable to different functions
  • LCD High Contrast Graphic Display 128 x 64 dots
  • Speakers: 2 woofers x 3.5" / 6 nearfield monitor speakers 1.3"
  • Amplification output: 112W maximum
  • Auto power off (selectable)

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 1420mm
Depth: 385mm
Height: 787mm
Weight: 55kg - supplied in one box


Dexibell VIVO H10 88-Note Premium Digital Piano - Red Polished (Made in Italy)

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