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Chicago Trumpet

The bell features a new design that is narrower toward the pistons and a squared-corner U-shaped crook that provides the performer with an ideal blowing resistance. • Utilizing an original Malone Pipe™ (MC1) for a leadpipe and a shallower mouthpiece receiver, we’ve achieved improved tone and response while providing the performer with an ideal blowing resistance.• Redesigned parts, such as lighter weight pistons and valve casing, a semi-square crook shaped tuning slide and water key spring, result in improved response and provide the performer with an ideal blowing resistance.• The first valve slide features a special brace which gives a stronger focus to the core of the tone for unparalleled definition and clarity.• The 3rd valve slide stopper has been moved to allow extended slide play for a low F or to facilitate alternative fingerings. The oversized button on the end of the slide has been carefully designed to fine-tune the blowing resistance for improved control


  • Key: C
  • Finish: Silver-plated
  • Bell: 4-7/8" , Yellow Brass
  • Bore: .462"


Yamaha YTR9445CHSII Xeno "Chicago" C Trumpet

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