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*Home Piano Bundle - includes matching stand, pedalboard and stool!

If you play the piano, you understand that inspiration can come from anywhere—where you play, who you play with, and of course, the audience you perform for. If you want to take your music to the people, the Roland FP Series of Digital Pianos will help you get there.

  • SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine with 288-voice polyphony for true acoustic piano sound and response
  • PHA-4 keyboard with escapement and Ivory Feel keys for inspiring grand piano touch
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth and play along with favorite songs through the piano’s speaker system
  • Advanced onboard speaker system provides rich, powerful sound for home playing and intimate live performances
  • Also includes electric pianos, strings, organs, and synth sounds from Roland’s flagship instruments
  • Enhance performances and practice sessions with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app and create music with Apple’s GarageBand for iOS and other leading music apps
  • Three-band EQ with dedicated front-panel controls

Sound and Touch - Superior Piano Performance

Why should a portable piano mean you have to compromise on sound quality and keyboard feel? With the FP Series portable piano, you don’t have to settle for less, as it includes the sound engine and premium keyboard construction from our flagship pianos housed in a stylish, mobile body. Roland’s advanced piano technologies offer superior tone and touch that will satisfy the most experienced pianists.

Cover Any Musical Style - Wide selection of sound selection

Even if you usually play with classic acoustic piano sounds, there are often situations when you need additional sounds to play various songs and styles. The FP Series has you covered with a selection of pro-grade electric pianos, strings, organs, and others, giving you a multitude of sound options for nearly any musical genre.

Onboard Speakers - Ready for gigging in smaller venues

Due to size limitations, the onboard speaker systems in typical portable pianos only produce sufficient sound for playing and practicing at home. But thanks to Roland’s sophisticated design approach, the FP Series has a big, powerful sound that projects beautifully in small performance venues, eliminating the need to bring an external sound system. The speakers and integrated amplifier have also been carefully tuned for precise reproduction of every tonal detail.

Bluetooth Connectivity - Expand your creative range

These days, people often play piano along with favorite songs stored on their smartphone. With built-in Bluetooth wireless support, the FP-90/FP-60 goes a step further by letting you stream music through the piano’s powerful internal speakers, resulting in a far more immersive experience. Installing Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app on your tablet lets you get even more creative, providing access to rhythm accompaniments from genres including pop, jazz, and blues. They even follow the chords you play, and it all happens wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology.

*The FP-30 supports Bluetooth MIDI only not Bluetooth audio.
*The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased.

Flexible setup - Looks great at home, Easy to set anywhere

Unusually for a range of portable pianos, the FP Series looks great at home too, thanks to the simple and refined exterior design. Each model looks even better when paired with the optional stand and pedal for a fresh, contemporary look. And thanks to the portable cabinet design and onboard speakers, the FP series is also ideal for gigging in smaller venues.

Sounds like an acoustic grand piano

The SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling engine provides the dynamic, expressive sound of an acoustic grand, with rich, complex overtone changes that naturally follow your touch. In particular, the FP-90 features our flagship SuperNATURAL Modeling piano engine which emulates the entire process sound creation of an acoustic grand piano to produce a rich, dynamic and complex sound.

Plays like an acoustic grand piano

The keyboard offers maximum comfort, playability, and response comparable to an acoustic grand piano. The FP-90 features a flagship PHA-50 keyboard that blends wood and molded material for authentic appearance and enhanced durability, along with the latest sensing technology. And the FP-60/FP-30 models incorporate a PHA-4 Standard keyboard with escapement and ivory-feel keys.

Play any musical styles

The FP series includes a wide range of pro-quality sounds ready for playing a variety of music styles. The FP-90/FP-60 include a total of 86 tones, including 15 Piano, 16 E.Piano, 11 Strings, 15 Organ, 15 Pad and 14 Other. The FP-30 includes a total of 35 tones including six Piano, seven ePiano and 22 others.

Easy access to your favorite sounds

The FP-90/FP-60 allow you to save your favorite sound and useful settings – including layers and splits – via one of the 30 user registrations, for quick recall during your performance. Also, dedicated Upper and Lower volume sliders on the FP-90/FP-60 front panel let you adjust the sound in an instant.

No need to bring small monitors

Each model in the FP series is equipped with powerful onboard speakers that are ideal for home playing or intimate performances. Since the onboard speakers are meticulously designed to make the piano sound great, you won’t need to bring external monitor amps for your performances in smaller venues.

Sound system designed for a piano

The FP-90 features stereo main speakers (12 cm x 8cm) with dedicated speaker boxes plus stereo 2.5 cm tweeters, all driven by a discrete onboard bi-amp system. Thanks to this sophisticated design, the FP-90 provides powerful bass sound with sparkling highs. And with the convenient three-band equalizer on the front panel, it’s easy to shape the sound to fit the venue you’re playing in (FP-90/FP-60 only).

No-compromise sound quality even on standard and basic models

The FP-60 projects rich, well-balanced piano sounds from its main stereo speakers (12 cm x 8cm) housed in a dedicated speaker box. The FP-30 also reproduces a beautiful, no-compromise piano sound through its 12cm stereo speakers (12 cm) that exceed the typical speaker quality in its class.

Enhance daily piano learning and enjoyment

The Piano Partner 2 app for iOS and Android mobile devices provides a friendly, interactive way to help you learn and enjoy music on your FP piano. Songs and DigiScore Lite show the piano’s internal music collection on your device’s screen, while Rhythm and Flash Card modes allow you to build skills with intelligent accompaniment and engaging music exercises. And the Diary feature allows you to log your daily practicing to check the progress. To use Piano Partner 2, connect your device and a compatible Roland piano wirelessly via Bluetooth, or wired with a USB cable. Piano Partner 2 is available for free from the App Store or Google Play.

*Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as Android devices.

Personalize the sound of your piano

Inside the instrument are many parameters that allow you to finely adjust the sound elements of the piano, just like how an experienced piano technician fine-tunes an acoustic piano for a specific artist or musical style. With the Piano Designer app, you can easily control these elements from the graphical touchscreen on your mobile device. In addition, the app includes many ready-to-play settings, allowing you to enjoy custom sounds created by world-class piano technicians.

*Piano Designer app is available for FP-90/FP-60.

Complete home piano with optional stand and pedal

The sleek and portable FP series pianos can also become modern upright home pianos, just by adding the relevant optional stand and pedal. Each stand is stable and durable despite its simple, modern design, while the pedal option offers three-pedal configuration with *Progressive Damper Action (FP-90/FP-60, w/KPD-90), providing continuous response for traditional playing techniques. Both options are a great way to complete your setup, delivering authentic piano performance.

*The FP-30 does not support Progressive Damper Action.

Easy to set anywhere

The portable FP series is perfect for small gigs at smaller venues. You could leave the dedicated stand at home and simply load the piano into your car, using the piano with a portable keyboard stand such as Roland’s KS-12 keyboard stand. For FP-90 and FP-60, the optional RPU-3 Pedal Unit is suitable for a mobile setup, offering a grand piano pedaling experience by combining three pedals into clutter-free unit.


Roland FP60WHS Digital Piano Bundle w/Stand Pedalboard and Bench

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