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Big Venue Tube Power Is Back For Bass at Mesa® with the NEW BASS STRATEGY™ Eight:88™!

The Bass Strategy™ Eight:88™ is the next step in the MESA All-Tube Bass Amp Bloodline. Vastly improved Tone, features, dial-ability, portability, packaging and control over the entire spectrum make the STRATEGY – and its little brother the Bass Prodigy Four:88 – an iconic step forward in Bass amplification. With an all-new tube preamp, a 5-position Rotary VOICE Selector, our 9-Band Graphic Equalizer, patented Multi-Watt™ 3-Way Selectable Power, Footswitchable SOLO and VOICE control (footswitch sold separately), a Rear Tuner Output, and an all new, high output power section utilizing eight KT-88s – the STRATEGY is THE big horsepower, big venue tube Bass Amp for the new millennium.


Bold new design with stunning looks, amazing tone, innovative ergonomics and surprising portability in a large format tube bass amp.

    • Custom Designed AND Handcrafted Exclusively in Petaluma, California
    • Weighs Only 49 Pounds! (Similar to Triple Rec™ Head)
    • Dimensions: Metal Chassis Head - 7 7/16” H x 18 7/8” W x 13 3/16” D
    • Tube Power Amp and Preamp featuring 8xKT88 Power Tubes & 3x12AX7 Preamp Tubes / *IMPORTANT NOTE: Tube Amps sound as loud as Solid State Amps rated at several times their power (wattage) rating. Plug in and compare – Amazing power, unmatched fat, enveloping tone and inspiring feel
    • Class A/B, Multi-Watt™ Power Amp provides three power options via a Full/Half/Low Power Switch.
      Choose from a tube armada of:
      • 8 power tubes, producing 465 Tube-Watts* (“Sounds like in excess of 900”) or
      • 4 tubes, producing 250 Tube-Watts* or
      • 2 tubes, producing 125 Tube-Watts*
    • Adjustable Bias control with LED indicator to accommodate wider tolerances found in KT88’s
    • Input Select Switch (Bright, Normal or Active)
  • All-Tube Preamp featuring: Gain, Active Bass, Passive Mids, Active Treble, 5-Position Active Voice Switch and Master Volume
    • Assignable or Bypassable 9-Band Graphic EQ
  • Footswitchable Solo Level Control (Patent 6,724,897) REQUIRES OPTIONAL Strategy™ Footswitch or a Tip-To-Ground, On/Off, Latching Footswitch (each sold separately)
  • Fully Buffered FX Loop
  • Tuner Output (back panel) with Play/Mute Switch (front panel)
  • Balanced XLR Line Out w/Ground Lift (back panel) and Pre/Post Select, Silent Record & D.I. Level Control (front panel)
  • Silent Record allows direct preamp output from the Balanced XLR without the need for a speaker cabinet
  • 5x 1/4” Speaker Output Jacks (1x8 Ohm, 2x4 Ohm & 2x2 Ohm)
  • Slave Out w/Level Control
  • Fan Cooled
  • External Switching Jacks for: Voice, EQ, Solo, Tuner Mute & FX Loop
  • OPTIONAL 2x3 - 5 Button Strategy Footswitch (sold separately) provides footswitchable Voice, EQ, Solo, Mute & FX Loop control - PLUS provides an additional ¼” Tuner-Output Jack

Standard PowerHouse® 8x10 Bass Cabinets

We’ve packed an array of innovative features into our exceptional range of premium-built PowerHouse® Bass Cabinet Designs. This diverse series of cabinets offers an unsurpassed level of musical versatility and player convenience through the following features:


A radical bracing concept borrowed from the aircraft industry. All structural reinforcement is dado-joined and sculpted to form an extremely strong skeleton that reduces weight, increases rigidity and improves structural integrity.


An innovative, front-facing, multi-vent porting system that uses individually tuned triangular ports to enhance each part of the bass spectrum. Each port is part of the structure and reinforcement of the cab AND speaker baffle in addition to its porting function. This goes way beyond the old standard “shelf” designs or plastic port holes that blow all your tone out of one large port hole!


A proprietary new rear panel interface that provides unprecedented stylistic versatility and gig-friendly convenience includes: three-position switch for selecting your preferred crossover frequency, adjustable L-Pad for blending the right amount of high-frequency driver, resettable horn protection, and standard ¼-inch and high-current SPEAKON locking connectors.


The Crossover switch provides three distinct tonal variations: Our time-proven, detail-enhancing sweet 5K (Normal) setting; the harmonic-friendly, accent-expanding snap of 4K (Sheen) and the modern, articulate cut of 3K (Bright). This feature, combined with the fine tuning adjustment potential of our premium L-Pad horn attenuator provides players with unrivaled stylistic high-frequency tweeter versatility and performance.


A simple, one-touch reset switch provides convenient horn protection. No fuses, tools or digging inside the cabinet if your tweeter gets spiked. Just reset and play!


Convenient Inputs and Paralleled Outputs are provided for via "combination" connectors that feature both standard ¼-inch AND locking SPEAKON high-current connections contained within the same connector.


Provides built-in, hand truck portability with rollerblade-style wheels, rear glide rail protection and heavy-duty metal kickplate.

Like all Mesa® PowerHouse Series Bass Cabinets, the Standard PowerHouse cabinets represent the world's best-built, best-sounding, easiest-to-move bass enclosures ever made! Make the comparison yourself. Then you'll understand why it's all about Mesa for Bass!


Mesa Boogie Strategy Eight:88 Bass Amp Head - One Only - Open Box

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