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Every Stomp Box is Unique & Hand-made in Australia

The Platypus has a half size body with a huge bottom end thump, compact enough for the travelling muso. Ideally suited to a match up with our Taipan model for those who want to play with both feet or place together as a heel / toe combination or mount in line on a pedal board. Natural camphor laurel finish highlighting stunning individual grain patterns.

There are a few things that we love about camphor laurel. Firstly it’s aesthetics, a beautifully grained timber, boasting enormous colour variations. No two pieces are alike – and when you’re making hand crafted musical instruments, that’s a really good thing. Stompboxes are primarily the realm of acoustic guitarists (and acoustic guitarists love timber).

Secondly, Camphor Laurel has a unique perfume. If you’ve never cut into a piece of camphor laurel, try it – the smell is amazing.

Thirdly and most importantly, Camphor Laurel is a noxious weed in Australia. It has the ability to adapt to a disturbed environment, grows at a prolific rate and has an enormous abundance of seeds. It is mildly toxic if eaten and therefore doesn’t have any natural predators. It is relatively immune to disease. Being a big shady tree it is difficult to remove and tends to create a single species environment because it is so dense.

For all of these reasons Camphor Laurel needs to be cut down. The problem is, it’s growing faster than it’s being removed. All of these factors make Camphor Laurel the perfect timber for our purposes at MacDaddy.

Finally, Camphor Laurel has a tight grain yet is still a fairly soft timber, which produces excellent acoustic properties, making it ideal for Stompbox manufacturing.


MacDaddy MDP1 "Platypus" Compact Stomp Box

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