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T-Bone One B... Still Nitro but just not shiny. This allows us to make the same great guitar for a much lower price. Not a partscaster like most guitars in this price range, the T Bone One still features all the great LsL components and craftsmanship that we've been known and loved for. This guitar features LsL made: Body, hand-shaped neck, pickguard, bridge, saddles, pickups, control plate, neck plate and we even mold our own fingerboard dots!

But most important of all, this is an LsL guitar with the tone and playability that we've become know for throughout the world.

Our T-bone is a re-creation of the best a '50's or '60 vintage T-style guitar has to offer and more. We start by selecting the best possible materials and then make them right here in our shop. We make the bodies, necks, truss rods, pickups, saddles and pick guards all here. Each body is built and detailed by hand. Each neck is hand shaped. Then we lay on the thinnest possible nitrocellulose lacquer finish and that finish is then weather checked. This creates a very airy, open, articulate tone that is then enhanced by our own, LsL hand-wound pickups.

This is as close as you can get to achieving the tone, playability, look and feel of a vintage guitar. Our T-bones have found their way into the hands of many a player who has replaced their 50's-vintage instrument with ours.

The best materials, best processes and a love and care for each guitar is what makes the T-bone the new standard in vintage-style instruments. We make them all for ourselves but then we have to sell them.


Wood - Swamp Ash
Colour - Black
Pickguard - White


Shape - Medium C
Wood - Roasted Maple
Finish - Satin
Radius - 9.5"
Frets - 6105


LSL T Bone One B Swamp Ash Guitar - Black Matte (Roasted Maple Neck)

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