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  • Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII Stereo Guitar Amp Head
  • 240-watt stereo amplifier
  • Built-in dual 4" speakers and tweeters driven by a 50-watt amp for standalone use
  • NEW Classic Speaker mode provides an organic sound and feel
  • Full-Range Speaker mode for acoustic guitar and jam track playback
  • Over 200 amps, cabs, and effects
  • 128 presets featuring a variety of classic and modern tones
  • Tuner, metronome, jam-along drum loops, and 60-second looper
  • Built-in wireless receiver works with Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter
  • Compatible with Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller
  • XLR direct stereo outputs for connecting to a sound system or mixer
  • USB interface and free Spider V Remote app
  • Edit and record on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices
  • Trade presets with the Spider V community on CustomTone.com

SPIDER V MKII Series gives you enhanced sound and feel, with new Classic Speaker Mode in addition to Full-Range Speaker Mode—your choice, all new Presets, 20 new Artist Presets from 10 Artists, Wireless Ready (60/120/240/240HC), FBV 3 Foot Controller Ready (30/60/120/240/240HC), free Spider V Remote editing app with
CustomTone integration, share tones with the CustomTone.com community.


  • New Classic Speaker Mode for enhanced sound and feel
  • 128 crafted presets featuring classic songs and artist tones
  • Wireless-ready for Relay G10T
  • Optimised for use with FBV 3 Advanced Foot Controller
  • Built in Tuner, Metronome and Real Drummer loops

Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII Stereo Guitar Amp Head

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