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Alamo is a solid body Lapsteel with Korina body, integrated capo, two single coil pickups and our brilliant Multibender system.

As the third Lapsteel in our catalog, the Alamo seems to be the predator of this trio! It is not only equipped with the much acclaimed Multibender, but also with the integrated Easy Shift capo and a pair of very dynamic pickups, the Duesenberg Vintage Trouble Singlecoils.

The freely configurable Multibender is played with the palm of the attack hand. Up to six levers (one per string) can be mounted to selectively raise or lower notes, allowing for multi-stringed bends and smooth chord changes similar to a pedalsteel.

The integrated capo, which runs in a rail in the aluminum fretboard, allows free movement in all keys, without having to sacrifice lap and pedal stalks typical licks and riffs involving the idle strings. A roll-up saddle provides tuning stability, and the Duesenberg Vintage Trouble Singlecoil pickups deliver a great tone with rough and wild timbre combined with high transparency, fast attack and rich overtone variety just like singlecoils can. And: The Duesenberg Speed ​​(Tone) Pot allows with its short rule of only 70 ° the usual filter sounds for Lapsteels.

The Alamo Lapsteel - all Wolf in sheep's clothing - comes in an elegant Ivory finish.


Duesenberg Alamo Lapsteel w/Case - Ivory

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